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First Ride Report Kawasaki Ninja 250 Injection (English Version)

Many reader from outside indonesia contact me to write this report in English so they can read my ride report.Your wish is my command 🙂


So my Kawasaki Ninja Injection has arrived in my garage while im at work.Makes me wanna go home as soon as possible from the office…and i did (hope my boss didnt read this :p)

I have to say Kawasaki did a very good job in changing look of this legendary bike from the previous version.Exterior are completely new!


Look at the spedometer,its digital now with RPM indicator and just like ER6 there is a ECO drive indicator if you drive it ECO-ly :p


Look at the front lamp,with two eyes seperately…just like his big brother ZX6R. Okay my wife is very anxious to try this bike with me. So i turn the key and hit the electric starter!i can hear the new muffler system sound is waaay better than the previous Ninja 250.


We went for a little ride,and i have to tell you that this bike had a better handling than my previous motorcycle CBR 250. I love every aspect from this bike,the riding position suits me (177cm,84kg).You can call this bike baby ZX6R 🙂


Here is the new tail lamp design,and the tyre is now 140 come with IRC Thailand tyre.


The next day i took this bike to the office for more riding review and i will tell you on the next report about the fuel consuption. Overall i’ll give 9 out of 10 for 250cc Injection class.keep reading my blog 🙂


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