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New Ninja 250 Fuel Consumption Review

When i bought this bike i do not care with gasoline consumption since it was launched first worldwide in Indonesia so it’s difficult to find the review on the Internet. Unlike the CBR 250 that I have before, already released first outside of Indonesia so you can easily find review. Because i’m experience in having a Injection motorcycle, i’m sure New Ninja 250 is more efficient than its predecessor which was the carburetor

After almost one month up with New Ninja 250, I trying to count the fuel consumption. With computation via the existing trip odometer, where the calculation method is when the first time fuel indicator flashes gasoline into last count, i get a calculation of the average consumption of gasoline New Ninja 1:29-30lt. Despite the size of the end of each calculation is the first petrol indicator flashes, of course actually there is still gas in the tank about 2-4 liters so it actually could be longer.

But because I do not know when the fuel indicator flashes how many liters there are remaining in the tank, the first indicator flashes i make the final indicator,

For your information i use shell super gasoline with relaxed riding style (ECO Indicator mostly on), though when the streets are empty i give my New Ninja a fast run hehehehehe …..

For 2 cylinders mtorcycle  according to the fuel consumtion i think it is very economical consumption, not much different from one cylinder my CBR 250  earlier. So … for daily use,this bike can be the right choice!


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