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CBR 250 R Menang Best Value Awards 2011

CBR 250 berhasil memenangkan 1 kategori Awards 2011 diantara pemenang kategori lain yang merupakan motor dengan 500cc keatas,berikut adalah kutipannya : Best of 2011 Awards

Best Value 
Honda CBR250R ABS

When Honda stopped importing the VTR250 in 1990, it left the Kawasaki Ninja 250 as the default entry-level sportbike, remaining that way for two decades. But with the introduction of the CBR250R, Honda removed the best quarter-liter sportbike trophy from Kawasaki’s mantle. Boasting an MSRP of $3,999, equal to that of the Ninja, and only a $500 bump in price for ABS, the newest CBR easily won our best-bang-for-your-buck award this year.

Honda CBR250RThe Honda CBR250R unseated the long-standing Ninja 250 as the best entry-level sportbike, and its $500 ABS option makes it even more appealing to budding riders.

The liquid-cooled, fuel-injected single-cylinder engine powering the CBR makes more usable power than the Ninja’s peaky parallel-Twin and is remarkably smooth. The new CBR is also the first small-displacement sportbike to offer ABS, and this is a feature that’s worth every penny for beginner riders. Honda’s Combined-ABS links the rear brake with one of the front caliper’s three pistons, and if pushed past the ABS threshold, hauls the bike down with the usual mild pulsing. Nicely styled, comfortable for a variety of sizes and shapes, and affordable in new-bike terms, the CBR250R ABS is a winning combination at a great price for beginner riders – or experienced ones.

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